VIENNA LAGER $34.95   Munich, Vienna and caramel malts combine to provide a rich malt     aroma. Includes a lager yeast that will work well fermented as a lager,  or an ale.

ENGLISH PALE ALE $39.95  A well balanced classic, golden to copper in color, this beer lends    subtle caramel notes with a fresh and firm hop finish. 

AMERICAN AMBER $34.95  As the name implies, this style employs a blend of the American hop variety Williamette for a great aftertaste and smooth mouthfeel. 

CONTINENTAL PILSNER $39.95  A sure thirst quencher, this pilsner utilizes the famous Saaz hop from  the Czech Republic.  

RED ALE $39.95  A smooth medium bodied beer with copper hues from the use of crystal malts and a pinch of dark grains.  

AMERICAN CREAM ALE $34.95  A light-bodied brew that emphasizes the German noble hop, Hallertau.  An easy drinker.  

AMERICAN PALE ALE $41.95  Designed to imitate the most popular micro style pale ales, this beer    has a firm body, golden color and a moderate hop character.

KOLSCH $34.95  Crisp Clean easy drinking ale. It has a straw-yellow hue similar to a pilsner, but less hoppy.  

ENGLISH BROWN ALE $36.95  This style is dominated by malt character. A medium-bodied, slightly nutty aroma is complemented by crystal malts ensuring a good balance.   

AMERICAN LIGHT $33.95  A quaffable delight! This ale is light in color with and smooth in flavor.  A perfect companion for those hot and humid afternoons spent on the lawn mower. 

TRADITIONAL EUROPEAN BOCK $46.95  Dark in color and rich taste, this medium-bodied brew is a favorite in  the springtime.  

IRISH STOUT $40.95    An Irish Style dark ale with a firm body and a roasted flavor from   dark malts and grains, this beer gets its creamy texture and head from added malto-dextrin. 

GERMAN ALTBIER  $38.95   A traditional German ale, this malty beer employs a kiss of Hallertau hops for balance.     

GERMAN OKTOBERFEST $41.95   Golden in color, this beer blends light malt extract with crystal grains, resulting in a medium-bodied texture that finishes with the  classic Hallertau flavor.  

WIEZENBIER $35.95   A blend of wheat and barely malt are used alongside Hallertau hops to comprise a refreshing summertime delight that goes down nice and easy. Light body with a crisp yet smooth aftertaste.  

ROBUST PORTER $37.95  Dominated by the use of chocolate grains, this style is complemented by crystal grains for a great tasting London classic with a full body and flavor. 

INDIA PALE ALE $47.95 An emerging favorite amongst American micro drinkers. This beer combines lots of crystal and victory grains with copious amounts of  hops.  

SCOTTISH ALE $33.95   A full bodied treat dominated by both crystal and chocolate malts but finishing with the full flavor of Fuggle hops. Great mouthfeel and a full flavor.  

MILK STOUT $38.95  Bold and Black, yet sweet and subtle. Additions of MaltoDextrin and lactose give this beer a thick and creamy head with a sweet finish.

ENGLISH BITTER $33.95  This English style ale combines hop bitterness with a light malty profile. This is a great representation of the classic style

RYE PALE ALE $47.95  A pale ale that uses just the right amount of rye, Munich, and honey malt to create a unique spiciness.

DUNKELWIEZEN $38.95  A darker, maltier version of Hefewiezen.

AMERICAN PALE WHEAT $39.95  An easy drinking blend of two styles. BRY-97 yeast ferments clean without banana and clove flavors.

BELGIAN STOUT $44.95  Brewer's Best twist on a classic style.

MILD ALE $33.95   English malts and Noble hops make a traditional, easy drinking ale sure to please.

GLUTEN FREE ALE $43.95  A gluten free ale with additions of orange and lemon peel.  Light bitter undertones of floral and citrus from the hops.

ESB (Extra Special Bitter) $43.95 A medium strength English Ale with emphasis on the bitters.

BELGIAN SAISON $46.95  Light body with malty flavors and faint hints of caramel sweetness and plums.

HONEY BROWN ALE  $43.95 Malty profile finishing crisp and lager-like with light bitterness. Perfect for anytime of the year.

~Brewers Best Premium Series~

SMOKED PORTER $42.95   Rich full bodied Ale, Chocolate and coffee like overtones. Includes smoked malt which makes a complex, yet pleasant aroma with a subtle  hop finish

BELGIAN TRIPEL$53.95   Includes one pound of Belgian candy sugar to make this a high gravity beer with a golden color and a white  creamy head.

IMPERIAL PALE ALE $53.95   A clone-of-sorts of the infamous Arrogant Bastard Ale from San Diego. A rich copper in color, this beer starts off with a strong malt character, followed by a burst of hop aroma and bitterness.  

RUSSIAN IMPERIAL STOUT $53.95   A full bodied dark beer, this style is intensely enriched with roasted barley and an abundance of malt. A slight bitterness is balanced by a subtle sweetness. Not for the faint of heart. 

COFFEE PORTER $47.95 A dark-rich porter with intense coffee and chocolate flavors balanced with medium hop bitterness.

DORTMUNDER STYLE $42.95   An Americanized take on the style, this beer is dark gold with a modest caramel note from crystal grains. The hops dictate the taste  while striking a nice balance with the big body and flavor of the beer. 

IMPERIAL NUT BROWN $49.95   A revved up version of your typical nut brown, this deep amber to  brown beer is characterized by a big body and plenty of hops. The taste is both caramel and chocolate, finishing with a slightly nutty aftertaste. 

WITBIER $39.95  Classic White ale brewed with wheat, barley,  orange peel and coriander. Lightly hopped and uses a Safbrew yeast that will help promote a fruity, spicy beer with a dry finish.

IMPERIAL BLONDE ALE $49.95   Produces a malty, high gravity beer that is also an easy drinker. Golden color which has a unique balance of domestic and imported hops. If you like blonde ales, you will love this kit!

RAUCHBIER $39.95   Unique German lager that comes with smoked and roasted malts to give it a toasty richness. Includes a Lager yeast.

WHISKEY BARREL STOUT $48.95   Specially selected dark malt extracts and specialty grains combine to release a delightful bouquet of chocolate and roast. Genuine Whiskey barrel oak chips are included to impart flavors of oak and whiskey.

BOLD SERIES HOLIDAY ALE (seasonal) $49.95  This is a full-bodied amber beer with a rich, malty character that is flavored with orange peel, cinnamon, and other spices to create a complex winter treat balanced with Nugget and Willamette hops . Available from October through the end of December.

BLACK IPA $47.95 Balances moderate roast character with medium-high hop bitterness..  The hop bitterness and flavoring are attributed to Warrior and Simcoe and the hop aroma comes from Cascade dry-hops.

BELGIAN CARAMEL WIT (seasonal) $49.95 Belgian Caramel Wit is a refreshing spring seasonal recipe similar to classic white ale though slightly darker in color.  Premium candi syrup  and caramel malts lend high fermentability and honey sweetness that complement the spicy characteristics from the yeast.  This aromatic and flavorful ale is the perfect welcome to the spring season

HOPNOG (seasonal) $49.95   A seasonal selection from Brewer's Best that is a great holiday favorite. If you like them hoppy with great citrus flavor and aroma you'll like this kit. Always something new with HOPNOG, experimental hops, new recipe, and sometimes swag.

DOUBLE IPA  $54.95   A high gravity ale with a pronounced hop profile. Medium body, golden hue, and a white frothy head.

OATMEAL STOUT $43.95   Medium to full bodied, rich and toasty. Oatmeal flakes and Victory malt combine for a nutty character. Slightly sweet with coffee undertones.

PUMPKIN SPICE PORTER (seasonal) $43.95  Limited release ale just right for the change of seasons. With cinnamon, allspice and a hint of ginger, this sure to be a hit with friends and family but save some for yourself!

PSA INDIA PALE ALE (seasonal) $46.95   This is a limited release India Pale Ale that supports PINTS FOR PROSTRATES, a grassroots campaign and organization. Be a man! Call your doctor and schedule an appointment today. Then tell your friends.

CHOLOLATE MILK STOUT (seasonal) $46.95  A stout with the notes of cocoa from a chocolate malt and rich roasted coffee.

BELGIAN DARK STRONG ALE $49.95  A complex ale with diverse liquid malt extract addition. The high gravity is balanced with clean bittering and spicy aromas. Deep copper-brown color.

BELGIAN IPA $43.95   What happens when two worlds collide? You get a great Belgian Ale with American IPA hops. The spiciness of a Belgian and the citrus and piney character of American ales.

BELGIAN GOLDEN $54.95  A strong light body golden ale with a dri finish. Subtle fruit notes and a yeast spiciness. Flavorful and refreshing

HOLIDAY ALE (seasonal) $49.95 A full bodied strong amber ale.  Malty with orange peel, cinnamon and other spices.  This is sure to keep you warm throughout the holiday seasons.

FALCONER'S FLIGHT EXTRA IPA (seasonal) $49.95  A IPA with superior flavor and aroma created by the proprietary hop used each year.  A truly unique beer.

SUMMER ALE (seasonal) $37.95 Crisp and refreshing finishing with the flavors of citrus and spice

Brewer's Best Brew-In-A-Bag Grain Kits

American I.P.A. $41.95 This all grain kit uses fresh 2-row brewers malt, Victory and Caramel malts to mash a sweet malt and toasted finish, medium body beer. Hop additions provide a high bitterness with a piney and citrusy flavor and great aroma.

American Pale $34.95  Golden in color with a clean malty flavor. Perfectly balanced malt and citrus hop tones.  Exceptionally refreshing.

Brown Porter $32.95  A dark and robust ale in appearance but easy-drinking as you ever find. Medium body with faint hop bitterness and nice chocolate taste on your tongue.

German Pilsner $33.95  Light straw in color with a dense foamy head. A classic German pilsner using 100% German malts and Noble hops to keep it authentic. Clear and crisp with spice and herbal aromas.

Octoberfest  $33.95 A classic malty beer.  Vienna malt with a touch of Munich malt to give you that rich malty style. Noble hops add for bitterness to provide a balanced complex beer.

German Wheat $28.95  A split of Pale and Wheat malts with just a touch of Munich malts with a traditional wheat yeast to produce a stylistic beer.  Minimal hop bitterness and alcohol makes this a great summertime favorite.

Sweet Stout $32.95  Caramel, Roasted and Chocolate malts make this a rich, sweet and complex beer. Carapils malt provides for a rich full body.

Brewer's Best Brew-Cider House Selection

Everything you need for a 6 gal batch of delicious full of flavor cider. Ice cold and refreshing during the summer or warmed up during the fall and winter.

Cider House Select Apple $39.50  Crisp, light and refreshing.

Cider House Select Mixed Berry $42.25  Full of fruit flavor with tones of raspberries, black current and a hit blueberries.

Cider House Select Spiced Apple $39.95 Cider with the cinnamon and spices.  Great warmed as a mulled cider.

Cider House Select Blueberry $43.75 Apple based with fruit flavors and a subtle sweetness of blueberries.  Very refreshing.

Cider House Select Pear $39.95 Bursting with pear flavor.  Delicious and easy to drink.

Cider House Select Strawberry Pear $44.95  The taste of juicy pears combined with the tones of fresh sweet strawbwerries.

Cider House Select Cherry $39.95  Flavor of luscious cherry nicely balanced with the sweetness of apples.

Cider House Select Raspberry Lime $42.25  Initial flavor of fresh raspberries with a finishing twist of lime.

MUNTONS CIDER KIT  $43.95                                                         A crisp, refreshing country style cider.






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